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Antea 50 E-B-BT

Antea is a high performing walk behind scrubbing machine, battery powered, offering high performances for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m. It is available with a disc brush with 50 cm working width, cable (E) or battery powered, with traction (BT version) or without it (B version). Moreover, they come with traction also the scrubbing-sweeping version with 2 cylindrical brushes (BTS) and the new orbital version (BTO).

Reliability over time and sturdiness are guaranteed by the new design and the new pressure die-cast aluminum frame.
The machine frame, brush head and the squeegee mount are made out of die-cast aluminum, that makes them robust and shock proof.

All functions at a glance
The simple control panel of no-traction versions favours an intuitive use.
The traction versions feature more functions such as the Eco device, to reduce consumption and the knob for the speed adjustment.

Eco device
Only one button to reduce energy consumption and noise level. It is an ideal working setting for maintenance cleaning and to use the machine in sensitive or frequented environments.

CDS - Separate water and detergent management
Traction versions can be equipped upon request of CDS (Comac Dosing System) for the separate management of water and detergent, that allows to increase or reduce their flow according to the type of dirt to clean, thus avoiding wastes. It reduces cleaning solution consumption by up to 50%.

4 wheels to increase machine stability
The 4 wheels increase stability and manoeuvrability. Moreover, they make easier brush maintenance and allow to store the machine with the brush head up to keep the brush in perfect conditions.

Ready to work within few minutes
The hose for the solution tank filling can be connected directly to any water tap, giving the possibility to supply the machine everywhere.

On board battery charger for both normal and gel batteries (optional)
The on board battery charger makes recharging easier and quicker

Proper daily maintenance keeps cleaning performance constant over time
Yellow color-code identifies the parts involved in daily maintenance. At the end of the shift the operator can easily and quickly find what parts have to be sanitized, without wasting time.

Scrubbing-sweeping version Antea 50 BTS
The scrubbing-sweeping version is equipped with a debris hopper that can be easliy emptied taking it out from the right side

CFC Comac Fleet Care
Antea can be arranged with the equipment needed for fleet management through Comac Fleet Care (CFC). Such system allows the remote control of machines status: if, when and where each machine is operating or if maintenance is needed, to let you promptly intervene avoiding machine downtimes and unexpected costs for extraordinary maintenance.

Antea with CCP treatment – Comac Corrosion Protection

Antea CCP is equipped with a special treatment that is used to cover and protect the metal parts which are more exposed to corrosion. The CCP makes Antea suitable for working in environments such as swimming pools, fish markets, dairies, slaughterhouses, food labs, and in all areas where corrosive agents can be found in the air or in the soil.

Antibacterial Tanks

Antea can be equipped with Antibacterial Tanks, that are produced with a special additive which has the task of maintaining the bacterial load on a lower average level than the one found on standard plastics, thus reducing the proliferation of bacteria.

Easy-Clean Tanks

The Easy Clean tanks that can be equipped with Antea have a special additive used in the moulding to significantly reduce the porosity of the plastic, thus making the inside of the structure smoother and easier to clean.
The effectiveness of this treatment is measured with a lower sedimentation of dirt and, consequently, a reduction of bad odour that is usually generated inside the tanks.

C 130 D/B
Working width (mm) 1300
Brushes Ø (No.) (mm) 345 (4)
Brushes Pressure (Kg) 130-180
Brushes (rpm) 220
Squeegee width (mm) 1460
Solution tank (Ltr) 360
Recovery tank (Ltr) 380
Productivity @max fwd speed (m²/h) 7800
Brush motor (V/W) 36/1125
Suction motor (V/W) 36/1170
Traction motor (V/W) 36/2000
Suction vacuum (mbar) 221
Forward Speed (km/H) 0-6
Drive Power 20 kW Diesel-3 Cyl / 36V/720Ah
Operating weight (w/o Batteries) (kg) 840/840
Dimensions (LxHxW) (mm) 2250x1880x1340

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