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Why choosing a Comac product

The value of time

Thanks to the technical solutions, materials and processes adopted, Comac machines are recognised on the market as products keeping a high value over time, even if used heavily during their life cycle. The Comac product is a synonym for reliability.

Far-reaching range

Whatever your indoor or outdoor floor cleaning needs, you’ll always find a Comac machine right for you. A rich array of models satisfying the most varied cleaning needs.


More resistant tanks

Comac scrubbing machines use polyethylene tanks. This material is very good resistant to chemical solutions and offers excellent reliability over time while also being very resistant to temperature variations. Moreover, polyethylene tanks are very easy to sanitise.

Comac was one of the first companies to adopt this material.

It is very much appreciated by industrial designers because it does not have any particular contraindications in adapting itself to their creativity, allowing them to obtain highly attractive and functional objects.

Compact volumes

Comac scrubbing machines feature a very innovative design which has allowed work on the volumes, giving rise to very compact and highly performing machines.


Silence to the service of medical environments

Comac scrubbing machines are made with new soundproof heads which enclose the suction motor and allow protecting it from any water seepage and, above all, achieving a very low noise level without giving up on suction power.

That’s the reason why new-generation Comac scrubbing machines can be used for cleaning environments such as nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes, that are extremely noise-sensitive during cleaning operations, or in retail outlets such as supermarkets during normal opening hours.


Uniform cleanliness on the entire surface

The homogeneous cleanliness obtained upon the passage of the machine is achieved through a special dispenser studied by Comac for the two-brush versions, which always guarantees a uniform flow of detergent solution even at reduced discharges.


CDS – Comac Dosing System (water and detergent savings up to 50%)

The usual manual adjustment of water flow rate on traditional scrubbing machines can neither ensure precise nor constant flow rate, especially as the tank gets emptier:

The result is 30-50% extra consumption of detergent solution.

– CDS is the new water and detergent dosing system made by Comac enabling the operator to dose water and detergent separately, thanks to two separate selectors. This means the amount of solution can be adapted almost immediately to the specific type of dirt encountered, eliminating that excess waste involved with traditional scrubbing machines.

– Adopting the CDS leads to a significant increase of the productivity and constant control on labour costs, which is particularly important when the machine is used on a daily basis.

– Comac’s CDS makes it possible to change the type of detergent at any time, by simply replacing the canister.

This means:
· total safety of the operator, who never comes into contact with the chemical;
· possibility of using the detergent most suitable for the intervention’s characteristics


Ease of use. Machines also designed for non-skilled operators

Anyone can use Comac machines!

The instrument panels are built with maximum ergonomics.

All the commands are within easy reach: from speed adjustment to water and detergent dosing system control commands.

Everything with ease in mind!


On-board Battery Charger

Upon request, the walk-behind scrubbing machines can also be fitted with the handy on-board battery charger. To recharge the machine, all it takes is connecting the supplied cable to a regular power socket.

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