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An important market survey was carried out in Italy to discover what Italians thought of the state of cleanliness in indoor places. What emerged was that cleanliness, in places linked to the world of public health, was considered crucial: 97% felt that public and private hospitals should pay greater/maximum attention to hygiene (to avoid spreading disease too!)

78% did not have any doubt and saw in the lack of use of better products and the latest cleaning machines a key factor of such deficit. Cleanliness and hygiene standards are bound to increase and feature significant room for improvement.

The solution is that you use machines able to respond to very specific requests.

There are numerous rules that cleaning products have to observe in order to be used in specific hospital environments:

  • silent operation, to respect the environment and the people present;
  • good machine adaptability, for use on the various types of flooring found in corridors, entrances, patients’ rooms, kitchens, etc.;
  • easy cleaning and sanitation of the machines when work is completed;
  • use of technologies with low emissions of electromagnetic waves and respect for the safety standards, guaranteeing the compatibility of the machine with man and his surrounding environment
  • guaranteed area cleanliness and hygiene; in short, machines perfectly suited to these environments.

in short, machines perfectly suited to these environments.

The main characteristic of Comac machines is definitely their flexibility for meeting all these needs.

For the cleaning of mid-sized surfaces, such as hospital and nursing home corridors and living rooms, Comac has developed a range of new-generation scrubbing machines which operate quietly even during normal working hours because they are silent and do not disturb people and the surrounding environment. This means cleaning operations can be carried out at any time.

The choice includes walk-behind scrubbing machines Simpla and Media or ride-on Innova models.

Moreover, the possibility to choose between various types of micro-fibre brushes and pads gives them maximum adaptability to clean the most varied types of floors.

The excellent washing capacity, the possibility to use specific detergents for removing dirt on any type of surface, and the immediate drying results – these factors ensure that Comac scrubbing machines satisfy all your cleaning requirements, even the most specific ones.

The small vacuum cleaner Comac CA15 Silenzio is particularly adapted to the health sector. It is a particularly quiet, professional vacuum cleaner, painstakingly designed to ensure excellent cleaning results. Very pleasant to the ears because it is silent, CA15 Silenzio is ideal for the suction of dust in environments requiring maximum respect and a drastic reduction of acoustic stress (only 59 dB (A)*).

It’s a compact, easy-to-handle vacuum cleaner that can be fitted with HEPA filters (essential for cleaning the white rooms of hospitals) to capture micro-dust, including invisible particles. The particularly long cable (10 m) means you can move easily over large areas.

Moreover, the range offered by Comac includes single disc machines that are particularly adapted to the maintenance of surfaces of up to 5,000 sqm.

* dB (A) ISO3744 at 1.5 m

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