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Noise is the physical agent that acts on our hearing apparatus, in the worst cases causing irreparable damage.
The illustration of the hearing system alongside shows that there are external organs to pick up the sounds, and internal organs to process them into intelligible signals for the human brain.
While the external organs (including the drum) are only partially damageable and can anyway be rebuilt, the internal ones, i.e. the auditory cilia and nerves, once damaged, are lost forever.
Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to very high noise levels damages the auditory cilia and gradually leads to complete and irreversible hearing loss. That’s why also noise emissions must be seriously considered when judging a machine! To do this, just refer to the Use and Maintenance booklet of the machine, checking the “sound pressure level at the operator’s work position” (LpA) in the technical data. Obviously, the lower this level, the least damage to hearing.
According to current regulations, any level below 85dB does not require personal protection devices nor check-ups by the factory doctor; beyond this threshold, the employer must apply special precautions for his workers.
Check the LpA in the machine Use and Maintenance booklet and, if possible, choose the one with the lowest value! Noise levels should be measured in compliance with directive EN 60704.

The noise levels of our machines are certified by an accredited laboratory to guarantee the highest reliability of the declared values.
On request, specific product certifications are also available

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