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New Comac Antea: everything you could ask from a scrubbing machine

To respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the market, Comac has recently developed a high performance walk-behind scrubbing machine conceived specifically for the key market segment calling for machines with a working width of 50 cm.

The new design of the Antea expresses reliability and sturdiness – two distinctive strengths of this new model, alongside its superior manoeuvrability and simplicity of use.


Antea is available in a choice of different versions suitable for a wide range of applications: disc brush scrubbing machines offered with or without traction (Antea BT and B), a brushing-sweeping version (BTS) and the new orbital version (BTO).

For Antea 50 B-BT versions, Comac opted for a chassis, squeegee attachment and brush head in die-cast aluminium for superior impact resistance and extended reliability over time.
The brushing-sweeping version (BTS) is equipped with two roller brushes, which also pick up small sized solid debris and transfer it to a hopper.
In addition to these is the all-new orbital version (BTO), which uses a high frequency oscillating action to achieve outstanding cleaning results while using less energy, water and detergent.

Every aspect of Antea machines is optimised to make the job of the operator as easy as possible, in everything from preparation and use to maintenance. The filler hose connects directly to any tap, preventing the risk of spillage and making filling easier in all conditions. The clean water tank level can be checked from outside the machine, so that the operator can easily determine when it will be necessary to stop and empty and fill the tanks.

The instrument panel of the version without traction is simple and essential, while the panel on traction versions (BT-BTS-BTO) also includes controls for activating the Eco and CDS functions. Pressing the Eco button activates a work mode that reduces energy consumption and noise levels, while the CDS function (Comac Dosing System) manages water and detergent delivery independently, so that only the quantities effectively needed are used. To make the operator’s job even simpler, Comac has chosen to identify all elements requiring maintenance at the end of each shift with the colour yellow, to ensure consistent scrubbing and drying performance.

These machines are perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications. The dimensions and technical characteristics of Antea machines make them ideal for cleaning floors in many different situations: from healthcare, hotels and large scale retail to automotive facilities and public buildings. They are also the ideal choice for cleaning contractors needing machines that are compact and versatile enough to be transported easily and used in different sites, intuitive, usable by different operators, sturdy and reliable over time.

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