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CS140 Twin Action: cleans without any need for water and totally filters all the air sucked up

The CS 140 Twin Action 3.5 m³ street sweeping machine made by Comac, with a 1,400 mm working width, is ideal for cleaning streets, squares, car parks or industrial areas, but also foundries and cement factories.

This model combines two actions in a single, sturdy and compact machine to provide absolutely top quality results. The innovative combined “Twin Action” system developed by the company includes a central brush and two screw conveyors which operate simultaneously with the vacuum operation to guarantee maximum efficiency in dirt collection. the mechanical action collects solid debris while vacuuming up dust, even the finest.


The Twin Action system also makes it possible to work on uneven surfaces, in that no rigid parts come into contact with them, and therefore the roots of pine trees or manhole covers are not a problem. The hydraulic support and use of flaps ensure a constant pressure on the ground, regardless of the wear of the surface to achieve cleaning results that are always excellent and absolutely top quality. CS 140 Twin Action is environmentally friendly because it ensures reduction to the bare minimum of water consumption, with a saving of as much as 100,000 litres of water per year. Dust is removed from the air by an extremely large filtering surface, which is therefore less likely to become clogged and which allows the capture of the most minute and hazardous particles, preventing them from being released back into the environment.

CS140 Twin Action has proved to be truly effective in reducing fine dust, demonstrating that it can completely filter all the air sucked up, and has therefore obtained – after strict testing – certification that guarantees the excellence of its performances: EUnited Municipal Equipment PM 10 – 3 Star certification. “By now,” Mr. Ruffo comments with satisfaction, “CS140 Twin Action can count on a considerable range of references, since it is successfully used in numerous international and Italian contexts, where each day it solves many cleaning problems. I will mention only a few of these situations: it cleans the roads in the coal mining facilities in Souzhou, in China and the Minermix lime extraction facilities in Galatina in the province of Lecce. Also the natural gas extraction plants belonging to the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd in the United Arab Emirates, where three machines are in operation. Again in this country in the Arabian Peninsula, two machines are used at Dubai International Airport to clean the roads, car parks and runways. Other models are used in Doha, Qatar, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in Quito, Ecuador, in Australia and in Karnataka, India. The CS140 Twin Action has been chosen for the road surfaces in the Wisag GmbH exhibition centre in Frankfurt, Germany. In Italy, it is used to clean – amongst other sites – the production plant of the Maserati car manufacturer in Grugliasco, Turin and the Portovesme metal producing plant near Cagliari. In all these applications, the results obtained are excellent, as is the feedback we receive from our customers, who are really happy with the choice they have made.”

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