CS140 Twin Action: cleans without any need for water and totally filters all the air sucked up

The CS140 Twin Action 3.5 m³ street sweeping machine made by Comac, with a 1,400 mm working width, is ideal for cleaning streets, squares, car parks or industrial areas, but also foundries and cement factories.

Pulire 2015: Comac never tires of modernising

The new developments regard both the scrubbing machine and sweeping machine sectors and an innovative idea that combines both worlds in a single solution. But, first things first.

Innova scrubbing machines: clean floors costing you less time and money.

The Innova range of superior performance compact ride-on scrubbing machines by Comac is offered in a choice of different versions to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

New Comac Antea: everything you could ask from a scrubbing machine

To respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the market, Comac has recently developed a high performance walk-behind scrubbing machine conceived specifically for the key market segment calling for machines with a working width of 50 cm.